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Content Creation for Utah SEO

fbcoverOne of the many services an SEO Salt Lake City business might provide is the creation of content solely intended to be read by web bots and not by humans. This article is in fact an example of this type of content. As a content creator, I was instructed to write an article consisting of three hundred to five hundred words. This content should contain at least two links to the customer website along with certain keywords. The idea is that the web bots reading the content will then optimize the customer’s website in the search result listing in reaction to a person searching for the specific keywords.


Because the content is not intended for a human to read the Utah SEO business does not particularly care if the content reads well or even makes perfect grammatical sense. All that really matters is that the content does not appear to be spam to the web bot. Obviously if the web bot makes the determination that the content is spam it will discard the content. If the content is discarded it will then not serve to optimize the customer’s website in search engine listings. It may even de-optimize the content depending on the algorithm of the search engine being used.


Content creators tend to be creative people by definition. As such, content creators also tend to take pride in their work and in almost all instances they endeavor to sign each piece of content they create with their own signature of excellence. It is in their nature and is encoded into their creative DNA. This creativity should be sufficient (at least for now) for any SEO Park City business to create content effective enough to convince even the most sophisticated web bot that the content it is reading is not spam.

Asset Depreciation

site1In the extremely cold months of the winter of 2004 the Smith Corporation entered into a lease that could not be canceled according to its terms spanning eight years for a magnetic resonance imaging system. The terms of the lease required payments of $15,000 on the first of each year. At the time the lease began, the Smith Corporation was well aware that this particular machine had a useful lifespan of twelve years. After twelve years it was also understood that the machine would have no salvage value. According to the lease agreement the title to the machine would pass to the Smith Corporation when the lease expires.

The Smith Corporation hired a CPA Salt Lake City to look over the deal. Because the Smith Corporation employs straight-line depreciation for all of the machines and other equipment it owns. The certified public accountant determined that the aggregate lease payments had a value of $108,000 in the winter of 2004. This calculation was made based on the current interest rate.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Smith Corporation had a meeting with his CPA Salt Lake City for the purpose of asking what rate the Smith Corporation should record the depreciation or amortization expense for the year 2004. The CPA told the CEO that under no circumstances would the number be $0. He explained that the Smith Corporation must depreciate the machine because according to the terms of the lease the title passes to the Smith Corporation which causes the lease to become capitalized. No, because title to the machine will pass to the Smith Corporation, the Smith Corporation will have to depreciate the machine over its useful life which had been determined to be twelve years. Accordingly, the depreciation expense would be $9,000 as $108,000 divided by twelve is $9,000.

Third Generation Business

headI have personally known many businesses in the Salt Lake City, Utah region that employ the services of a going concern in the business of manufacturing sign shop Salt Lake City. It is often said that in a family business the first generation is the one to establish the business, the second generation is the one that grows the business and the third generation is the one that oversees the dissolution of the concern. However, I know of one of the businesses making signs and banners in Salt Lake City that happens to be a family business in its third generation that is absolutely not in the process of dissolution. This third generation family business is not in a state of dissolution because it happens to be committed to the proposition that every day is another day to provide exceptional products at affordable prices.

Another reason this third generation family business is not in a state of dissolution is because the professionals who work at this business possess the knowledge as to how to create the many advertising products that will represent their clients in exactly the way that they want to be represented. In other words, they do their job well. This particular business also has a proven and dependable track record which demonstrates their own particular brand of excellence in the areas of service, graphic design, and sign production. Moreover, this business of which I speak creates sign shop Salt Lake City considers itself to be yet another intimate component of the clients it serves because it also believes that it will only achieve success if the client and the client’s business also achieves some measure of success. This business has been designing and creating all kinds of signs, colorful banners, elaborate graphics and stunning vehicle wraps for the residents of Utah for over sixty years.