Using Affordable E-Commerce to Market Park City Transportation

Any business can readily make effective use of affordable eCommerce and Park City transportation is no exception. Just think of all the increased ridership that can and will result once transportation within the limits of Park City is properly advertised on the internet. This is true because internet advertising can focus in on the population of potential customers who are the most likely candidates to make use of whatever product or service a company is providing. This makes eCommerce vastly more effective and therefor cost effective and profitable than the standard print ads, radio spots and television commercials of old.


I recently received a call from a telemarketer telling me that I could extend my newly purchased vehicle’s warranty for $120. I grew suspicious when he asked for my credit card information over the phone. Now I did not know this person from Adam and was certainly not expecting a call of this nature after purchasing my vehicle. There was a possibility that this was not a scam but my “spidy senses” were tingling. I did a quick google search and discovered that this was a scam going around. So I was relieved to find out that hanging up and blocking the number was actually the right decision. I should have known right away when I saw that the call originated in New Jersey.

Anywho, I bring this up (not only to pad out the word count but also) to illustrate the point that eCommerce is a far more effective means of marketing (both for Park City transportation or anything else for that matter) than telemarketing. Not only is telemarketing ineffective but it seems intensely depressing from the perspective of the person making the call. I doubt they go home at night with a satisfied sense of a job well done.