An Update on Neighborhood Signs and Banners

The Affordable Commerce SEO investigative team have not seen any signs and banners displayed from the porch of our neighbor in quite some time. It is unclear what the reason for this absence happens to be. On the surface it appears that our neighbor has caved into the directive issued by the home owners’ association that he cease his display of signs from his front porch going forward. Certainly the home owners’ association has the authority to issue fines for any further infraction on the point of our neighbor. However, I suspect there is a deeper reason for his lack of signs recently.


The reason why I think there is a deeper undercurrent to our neighbor’s lack of signs is based upon his prior history of sign display. He clearly displayed a vibrant history of sign display. This vibrant history demonstrated a very strong desire (one might say compulsion) to display signs from his porch. On the other hand this display of signs seemed to be contingent on the health of his neighbor name Susan who lives in the house across the street from his house. The fact that her treatment had ended might have been the catalyst he needed to put an end to his sign display.

So where does that leave us? The question that remains is whether our neighbor will ever display a sign from his porch again. If our neighbor displayed signs out of compulsion then there is a high degree of certainty that he will display another sign in the future. At some point his compulsion to display signs will override his fear of being fined by the home owners’ association. However, if his prior sign display behavior was motivated solely by his neighbor’s illness then there seems to be less of a chance that we shall ever see a sign displayed from his porch again. Time will tell I suppose.

A Lack of Signs and Banners

I pass by my neighbor’s house pretty much on a daily basis and I have noticed a marked lack of signs and banners on his porch as of late. The reason why this is noteworthy is because he used to hang signs from his porch on a weekly basis. I may have that frequency wrong but according to my memory he had a different sign displayed from his porch at least every other week. These signs usually contained a message directed to his neighbor across the street from his house named Susan. Apparently Susan was suffering from cancer or some other illness and the purpose of this signage was to offer her moral support during her time of need.


The unfortunate thing about these signs displayed from his porch was that they were a source of embarrassment and awkward feelings throughout the neighborhood. Apparently this neighbor was unaware of the awkwardness his signs were engendering. I am sure from his perspective he felt that he was doing something nice for his neighbor. In other words, from his perspective his heart was in the right place. For this reason it was difficult for any of the other neighbors in the neighborhood to approach him and tell him to stop displaying these signs from his porch.

The eventual solution to the issue was a combination of a letter from the home owner’s association telling him to stop and Susan’s eventual recovery from her illness. None of the neighbors had the courage to speak to him directly. As such, the situation was dealt with in a passive aggressive manner by making an anonymous complaint to the home owner’s association. At the same time Susan’s treatment reached the end of its course. This was made known via the final sign displayed from the porch.

The Latest Sign

SignMy neighbor is a displayer of signs and banners from his porch. His latest sign is a white square upon which is written in blue lettering “Yes, I ask you very confidently, ain’t she SUSAN!” This sign is intended to be quite literally a “sign” of support from the fifty something bachelor to a woman named Susan who lives across the street from him and is suffering from some disease, perhaps cancer. I have never met the man who lives in this house nor have I ever me the Susan to whom the sign is intended support.


I do not believe my neighbor purchased this sign or any of the previous signs he has displayed from a sign shop. It certainly appears to be hand made. I think perhaps this is part of its intended charm. He put the thought and effort into hand making a sign to help cheer up his neighbor across the street. Certainly this is a laudable action on his part but I do get the feeling from other people in the neighborhood whom I have met that this situation is a little embarrassing and awkward. Because his intentions are good it is hard to tell him not to do it. I suppose the neighborhood has collectively decided that it is not worth it to do anything and to just let it happen.


I suppose we can take comfort in the fact that his sign is relatively small. It is not like it is a vehicle wrap or some such. Incidentally, I did look up the lyrics because they were not immediately recognizable to me. It turns out that they are from a song entitled “Ain’t She Sweet.” Upon seeing this I realized that I did recognize the song. I suppose the take home message here is that signs and banners can be used for a variety of reasons. Some are good and some are bad and it is all a matter of perspective.

Third Generation Business

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