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Premier Class A Office Space

iconThe highest grade of office space is referred to as “Premier Class A.” Any Premier Class A office space Park City are typically used by companies that require flexible office space. Flexible office space in this context means office space without a long term lease. There are many options for office space in Park City; however the most prestigious office spaces will not only have a good location (that is, close to downtown businesses and restaurants) but will also provide multiple office suites for multiple customers. These office suites will usually include a conference room, a kitchen, and a staff of office professionals (for example, secretaries and clerical workers)  to provide support for their customers.

The ideal office space Park City will always adhere to the Industry Production Standards published by the Association of Business Support Services International and the National Association of Secretarial Services. These standards are applied for computing time charged for document productions. Using these industry standards will allow customers to properly calibrate their expectations as to the services the office space will provide as well as budget for the services provided.

The Industry Production Standards are always based on the average time required in the performance of specific duties for all project productions performed by a professional word processing operator. The purpose of the Industry Production Standards is to ensure that a fair price is charged to the client as well as a fair profit is earned by the provider. For example, the Industry Production Standards assert that a “model operator” will take three tenths of an hour to produce a pre-typed, well prepared, one page letter. Any less time would not be sufficient to properly execute the task whereas any more time would be excessive and wasteful. This is just a small example of the many services provided by Premier Class A office space.

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