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Electrical Dissonance

headThe classic text book psychological example of a situation that gives rise to the mental state known as cognitive dissonance is where a person walks into a dark room and flips on the light switch but the light fails to turn on. The human mind cannot stay put in a state of cognitive dissonance. It must come up with a reason for the failure of the light to turn on in order to resolve the cognitive dissonance. One solution might be that there is an electrical problem requiring an electrician Ogden to remedy. Perhaps the problem is not so serious and only requires the home owner to descend the steps into his or her basement to figure out which circuit breaker to throw.


Cognitive dissonance is the mental state of having inconsistent thoughts simultaneously. When the light switch fails to turn on the light the mind possesses the knowledge that the light switch was thrown but also possesses the knowledge that the light is not on. There is a certain degree of discomfort associated with the simultaneous possession of these typically mutually exclusive thoughts.
In a sense the house is a metaphor for the human mind. When the light switch does not perform its proper function there is the sense that something is wrong. Whether the problem requires an electrician Weber County or a psychologist to remedy the problem cannot exist in a state of not being remedied. Once the problem is remedied the discomfort associated with cognitive dissonance will lift and go away until the next situation giving rise to cognitive dissonance is encountered. In a similar way the electrician Davis County is akin to a psychologist who helps his or her patient to come to an understanding of the over all thought pattern in which the cognitive dissonance exists.

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